Cathy’s Current Favourite Reads for Every Business Owner

Cathy is back with another Solo Episode, but this time things are a little different. Listen in as she walks you through her current favourite books that will help inspire, motivate, and educate every Allied Health business owner at any point in their business journey.

Cathy shares a range of books that you can get your hands on, each one with its own impact on either your professional life, personal life, or even both. There are also plenty of topics to choose from, including leadership, technology, Aboriginal culture, and more.

Here is a full list of the books mentioned – check them out for yourself and listen to the episode for more of Cathy’s commentary on each book!

  1. Is Technology Making Us Sick?By Ian Douglas
    Explores the impact of the increased use of technology in everyday life on society.
  2. How to Bullet Plan: A Practical GuideBy Rachel Wilkerson Miller
    Easy tips, setting up a gratitude list, a “new word list”, and recording your wins.
  3. Land of All – By Sally Gabori
    A collection of her artworks and some stories about her life.
  4. The First Two Hours: Make Better Use of Your Most Valuable TimeBy Donna McGeorge
    How to make the most of your day – two hours at a time. 
  5. The A-Z of Service ExcellenceBy Cate Schreck
    Refreshing your customer service skills.
  6. The Life PlanBy Shannah Kennedy
    Living with purpose and achieving your life goals with a step-by-step strategy.
  7. The Glucose Revolution –  By Jessie Inchauspé
    Improving energy management and cognitive focus.
  8. 555 Powerful Questions for Coaching, Leading and Mentoring at WorkBy Mauricio Vasquez
    Helps you question yourself and dive deeper into your leadership skills.
  9. Welcome to My Country
    A wonderful book that recounts an Aboriginal community in Arnhem Land.
  10. Women and Leadership: Real Lives, Real LessonsBy Julia Gillard and Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala
    Includes facts and figures about women in leadership around the world, and challenging the findings.
  11. Welcome to Country: A Travel Guide to Indigenous AustraliaMarcia Langton
    Covers the states, questions to ask, assumptions, profiles Indigenous storytellers and activists, and provides brief relevant histories that everyone should know about.
  12. Atomic Habits: Tiny Changes, Remarkable ResultsBy James Clear
    Sustaining little changes that have a cumulative effect on how you live your life.

What have you been reading lately? Share your favourite reads in the comments!

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