Accredited Coach. Occupational Therapist. Author. Optimist. Lover of Pearls.

Cathy Love is the founding director of Nacre Consulting, a company dedicated to creating brilliance in others.

Her entrepreneurial spirit started in childhood when she enjoyed organising play shops, craft stalls and pocket money negotiations. Kids Therapy Network was Cathy’s first business adventure, a pioneer private practice in Melbourne in the late 1990’s. After 12 years of scaled success KTN was lucratively sold – a pivotal event that triggered her decision to help others find business success.

Equipped with the vision for empowering Allied Health Business Owners, Cathy opened the doors of Nacre Consulting.

Cathy works remotely with all clients; nobody would know that her home office is nestled in the sand dunes on the Mornington Peninsula. This stunning natural environment supports her creativity and provides ample opportunity to get sand between her toes. After all, business should enable your lifestyle choices!

I believe that happy, confident business owners lead inspired teams who ultimately improve the lives of their clients. I love that we have a ripple effect in creating these waves of positive outcomes, particularly for people with disability, in all sorts of ways all around the world.

At Nacre Consulting we deeply understand your Allied Health Business challenges and opportunities and what it really means to close your eyes and go for the business of your dreams.

Nacre (pronounced nay-kah) describes the process of creating a pearl. 

The process begins with a gritty seed being held in a shell, exposed to natural forces that gradually build up layers of unique brilliance and resilience. 

And so it is true for ourselves. We believe that this natural process beautifully aligns with the imperfect process of growing ourselves and our business brilliance. Can you see this story in our logo?

The Nacre Consulting team is incredible.

We work remotely across several continents and time zones, playing to our strengths and leveraging technology for shared tasks and accountability.

We pride ourselves on dynamic relationships, strong communication, and a good laugh!

Nacre Consulting recognises that one of the best things about business is giving to create positive change in the lives of people less fortunate.

Nacre Consulting partners with B1G1. To date we have funded over 160,000 thousand impacts of water supply, therapy programs for disabled kids, school supplies, books, food, shoes, IT for Aboriginal kids, trees, bikes, university for young women and anti-child trafficking programs.

Our commitment is unwavering so stay tuned.

“Your level of success will rarely exceed your level of personal development.”

Jim Rohn

Take the first step

For us, business is personal. 

Your business will only ever be as good as you are which is why encourage the layering up of your personal and business knowledge. 

Our niche Allied Health Business programs, with emphasis on service in the disability sector, focus on you and your unique business aspirations. 

Begone the arduous hours of cookie cutter video training, generalist advice and fleeting access to your coaches. 

Join us, we can’t wait to meet you.