Donna McGeorge Interview – Approaching Work & Life 2 Hours at a Time

How do you approach your day at work? Do you plan everything or do you work as you go? Donna McGeorge, author of The First 2 Hours – the book I’ve been raving about for some time now, might help you change the way you make use of the most valuable hours of your day.

Her book is life-changing and it has definitely made a big impact in my life personally and professionally. Donna’s wonderful tips will help you power through your day with efficiency and avoid productivity traps. If you are wanting to improve your days and increase your productivity, then listening to this episode is a total must!

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Episode highlights:

  • Donna’s motivation behind writing her book, The First 2 Hours, and what it’s all about.
  • The reason behind the title of her book.
  • The core activities you need to do in the first 2 hours of your day.
  • Being reactive in the next 2 hours.
  • People’s lunch habits.
  • Focusing on low impact, low intensity work in the 3rd 2 hours.
  • The things you can do in the last 2 hours of your day.
  • Donna’s theory on meetings
  • The study behind the 25-minute meeting.
  • Applying the pomodoro technique in her everyday life.
  • Using post it notes for visual planning.
  • Suggestions for busy self-employed people regarding their energy time and tasks.

Useful Links:

Donna McGeorge Website

Donna McGeorge Facebook Page

Donna McGeorge Twitter

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Donna McGeorge LinkedIn

Donna McGeorge Books – The First 2 Hours & 25-Minute Meeting

The 25-Minute Meeting Facebook Page

Books Mentioned:

Francesco Cirillo – The Pomodoro Technique

James Clear – Atomic Habits 

Charles Duhigg – The Power of Habit

Dr Jason Fox – The Game Changer

Jim Benson – Personal Kanban

Donna McGeorge

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