Clinical Leaders Collective – So Much More in 2024

Our industry renown, tried, trusted and tweaked 12-week program is back in 2024!
This year more than ever our Clinical and Team Leaders need specialist information, supportive coaching and a super cool community with which to power up their skills and confidence. We LOVE running this program and are excited to announce that Chantelle Robards is at the helm this year along with her Nacre Consulting teammates and guests. Read on for more about the program and a special gift of appreciation for your leaders and team.  

Continuing Leadership Opportunities.  

We continue to witness the development of clinical and team leadership opportunities in Allied Health Businesses. This is incredibly exciting on several levels, certainly for Allied Health Business Owners who are stepping onwards and learning to lead their leaders, for the emerging leaders themselves, for clinicians to note what leadership and career progression looks like and ultimately for the clients as their service and outcomes shift from strength to strength. Quite the multiple win when you think about it. With the significant investment going into these leadership opportunities comes the responsibility of the organisation to provide high value training and coaching to ensure great retention and results.   

Leadership Know How  

Whist building leadership layers into your business is exciting and a strategic stage for businesses it raises a range of challenges as well. Even the most natural, capable and experienced of leaders continue to required leadership coaching, content and guidance in order to flourish. Emerging clinical and team leaders also need specific support because we know being a great clinician doesn’t automatically translate into being a great leader. We believe that these established and emerging leaders need each other in a safe and vibrant community program that also delivers industry specific content and coaching with subject matter experts. On the later point, gosh it is exhausting having to translate leadership learning from generic programs to the Allied Health context and online self-paced programs, well they get lonely, de motivating and often impossible to complete.  

Clinical Leaders Collective is a 12 week program consisting of weekly sessions that bring a just right mix of training, doing the work, coaching and care.  

Skip the read and discover more here and now.  

Invaluable Leadership Community  

When I think back over how I have learnt best it has nearly always been in the room (virtual and otherwise) with like-minded people who are ready willing and able to question, share, discuss and well to honest care.  Our CLC graduates consistently report on the value of being able to work with other attendees and facilitators who know the game and just ‘get it’ …. Sigh’s with relief.  

The sense of community expands past the weekly session and rolls over to an exclusive CLC facebook group, where questions, comments and shares of all shapes and sizes are invited and swiftly attended to. This secret enclave is also where we add the all the recordings and secret extra bonus program content.  

Industry Specific Content 

Our Clinical Leaders Collective continues to evolve with our sector’s needs. It is chocked full of essential leadership topics the likes of  knowing self, time management, role clarity, self-care protocols, managing group dynamics, effective meetings, business brilliance fundamentals, leading through change and leading for professional and productive performance. We also leave a little wriggle room to explore topics that the attendees collectively feel they will benefit from, NDIS newsflashes spring to mind.   

Click through now to specific CLC content details.  

Expert Program Facilitators  

The program will be expertly led by Chantelle Robards, NDIS subject matter expert and Business Coach here at Nacre Consulting. Joining Chantelle will be relevant and differently awesome guests to ensure attendees are able to meet and learn alongside the best people that we know. It is so important to us that we provide incredible facilitators and an industry leading program to empower Clinical and Team Leaders to support Allied Health Business Owners to deliver life changing services.   

Clinical Leaders Collective Is… 

  • An industry informed training program for experienced and emerging Allied Health Team Leaders and Clinical Leaders 
  • A 12 week online, live and lovely program.  
  • Practical weekly sessions for achievable momentum, mastery and motivation.  
  • Your real-life cheer-squad to banish those feelings of loneliness and worry about what are others doing  
  • Bespoke content that fills your leadership toolbox and stocks your skills and confidence.  
  • Coaching and conversation lead by wildly passionate industry experts, there wont be a dull moment that’s for sure.  
  • Recorded every week, easy for catching up and only shared to those in the program.  
  • Made even more awesome with an exclusive Facebook Group for News, Q and A and more.  
  • An affordable and tax deductible investment in your leaders.  
  • Great value as two of your leaders can join for the one price. Bonus!   

Invest in Your Leaders 

The CLC program shifts up from strength to strength every year. Yet again we have listened and adjusted the topics to best support Allied health Team and Clinical Leaders step into their roles with the knowledge, skills and confidence they require to succeed.  

Chantelle Robards is leading this year’s program and can’t wait to meet your leaders and get stuck into creating a safe community, sharing industry specific topics and coaching for shared practical learning and implementation.  

Best of all, we all know that when your Team and Clinical Leaders succeed so do your whole team, your clients and most importantly so do you. 

Cathy Love
Cathy Love is an accredited Business Coach, Occupational Therapist, and author known for her optimistic outlook and passion for pearls. As the Founding Director of Nacre Consulting, she's dedicated to fostering brilliance in others, drawing on her entrepreneurial journey that began in childhood. After successfully selling her pioneering Occupational Therapy clinic, Kids Therapy Network, Cathy shifted her focus to empowering Allied Health Business Owners through Nacre Consulting, all while enjoying the serene environment of her home office in the Mornington Peninsula.

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