Amplified Mastery

Extensive individualised one-on-one coaching with Cathy Love as your co-pilot every step of the way through your business adventure.

Looking for a co-pilot to fast track your business skills and results?

There is no faster way to get huge results from your business than with one-to-one coaching.

When you have direct access to Cathy you can ask every question that’s relevant to your business and receive an answer that reflects your specific needs.

Cathy is a high-energy, supportive, practical and outside-the-box coach. Book a call to find out how she can help you to gain control over your business and rapidly scale.

What’s In The Amplified Mastery Box?

One-on-one Business Coaching
On Demand Coaching

Get dedicated access to Cathy Love’s personal support and individualized advice.

One-on-one Business Coaching
Document Appraisals

Have Cathy as a second set of eyes to review various business documents for suggested improvements.

One-on-one Business Coaching
Performance Dashboard

Share your actions, results and track progress with Cathy’s full surveillance and support.

One-on-one Business Coaching
Financial Analysis

Invite Cathy to participate at financial meetings as required and review financial reports, budgets, projections, and more.

Accelerate Business Success
Guest Speaker Zones

Discuss to Discover. Join seasonal conversations with guests covering critical industry topics, news and network opportunities.

One-on-one Business Coaching
Working With Team

Include your leadership team in coaching conversations to progress your business objectives and keep everyone on the same page.

Business Training Australia
Live Business Training

Fast tracked knowledge. Access monthly LIVE business training with Cathy Love and industry experts.

Accelerate Business Success
Industry Partner Introductions

Support and collaborations with partners who get the Allied Health business sector.

Accelerate Business Success
Practical Business Resources

Save time and stress. Benefit from the growing library of workbooks, templates and fact sheets.

Accelerate Business Success
Priority Discount Pricing

Front row service! Receive juicy discounts on all Nacre Consulting and partner events.

Accelerate Business Success
Recommended Reading

Be inspired as you work through our list of highly recommended books and podcasts.

Accelerate Business Success
Every Event Recorded

Don’t miss a thing. Every event and conference session recording available to you on demand.

Why join Amplified Mastery?

To fast track your brilliant and bespoke business results.

Unfettered access to Cathy Love for individualised business advice to fast track results
Banish loneliness and doubt with Cathy Love as your exclusive business co-pilot.
Benefit from Cathy’s objective perspective and industry expertise for amplified outcomes

What our clients say

“Just try new things. Don’t be Afraid. Step out of your comfort zone and soar, all right?”

Michelle Obama

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