Shifting Your Money Mindset

What is your definition of wealth? For me, wealth is a form of energy. It has to move through you, your business, and around the planet, and it’s ultimately about what you want to have forward in your lifestyle.

There’s really no one more perfect than our guest on this week’s episode to discuss all-things wealth, and that person is Jackson Millan – Managing Director of Aureus Financial, an award-winning wealth coaching, strategic advice and lending business.

In this episode, you’ll hear Jackson deep-dive into countless topics surrounding turning your business profit into personal wealth, where having a momentum-based approach to money, wealth and profit is crucial. You’ll hear us discuss Jackson’s own definition of wealth, his observations about business owners and money mindsets, key stages of money memories, and so much more.

One particular golden nugget is Jackson’s view on self-limiting beliefs surrounding wealth. In his own words, “You’ll never outgrow the invisible ceiling that is your mindset.”

He shares the importance of having a reason to “lift” that invisible ceiling in order to allow you to step into strategies and tactics that let you create financial freedom.

Another important talking point is the difference between profit and cash flow, and why profit isn’t your end game.

So, what is your money mindset? Is it in need of a shift? Explore more about Jackson’s Wealth Coaching and Mentorship here. Interested to understand more about Aureus Financial? You can do so here. 

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Jackson Millan

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