Practice Managers Academy
Kicks Off 1st FEB 2023!!

Nacre Consulting's Practice Managers Academy equips your Practice Manager to excel in their role

Management and Business Skills for Practice Managers

If only there was some training out there to make my Practice Manager shine like the keystone that my Practice Manager SHOULD be. Sure, there is certificate here and there but there isn’t an Academy that Practice Managers can attend to upskill, enhance and refine their role to make them feel confident and capable of running a practice and leading a team. 

Oh wait…but there is. 

Nacre Consulting has created an academy tailored to the evolving Practice Manager role to ensure that they are exceling in their career, and bringing the most potential to their role. What does this mean for you? The Allied Health Business Owner? 

You can finally take your foot off the pedal, and fully embark on your CEO journey. The role of your Practice Manager is to be your right hand, but if they don’t have the skills to confidently manage their workload and the ever-changing climate, then you somehow have to always keep one eye open… 

Not anymore! 

Imagine your Practice Manager taking the helm (as they should) and: 

  • Effectively manage a growing profitable business  
  • Confidently lead an outstanding team  
  • Proudly deliver reputable services and delight clients  
  • Systematically get the next best projects done  
  • Reclaim time and greater work life balance  
  • Embrace the business adventure and celebrate success 

90 Days to learn!

The Practice Managers Academy is delivered in an intensive format so that you can reap the benefits now! 

In just 12 weeks your Practice Manager can sharpen their toolkit and learn from the best to ensure that they can manage their role with flying colours. 

The Practice Managers Academy is not just for our clients, it’s available to any Allied Health Business Owner to sign up their Practice Manager (or equivalent)

In saying that… spots will fill fast, and if you want to join this intake and get your Practice Managers up to scratch so that you can drink your morning cup of coffee without wondering “there has got to be an easier way” ever again, register below. 

Ok, so an intensive 12 week program with so much value must have a catch right?

Wrong! It’s only $3600 spread over 3 easy monthly payments of $1200 +GST 

Already a client? Check your Members Resources Portal for your Members discount information and code

Take a peek behind the curtain, this is some of what you will take away from the course:

Entrepreneurial Boardroom Alliance
Personal SWOT Analyser
Accelerate Business Success
Time and Task Timer
Business Training Australia
A-Z Customer Service
Developing Functional Systems
Running Meetings Effectively
Accelerate Business Success
HR & FairWork Explained
Accelerate Business Success
Social Media Kickstart
Accelerate Business Success
Project MX Principles
Accelerate Business Success
Delegation Dealmaker
Accelerate Business Success
Difficult Conversations Framework
Business Training Australia
Customer Service KPI's
Accelerate Business Success

Referrer Partnership Strategiser 

Customer Satisfaction Surveyor 

Practice Managers Academy

  • Weekly Sessions 
  • Easy payment structure
  • Covers everything from Running Meetings Effectively to Customer Success Pathways 
  • Guest Speaker Zones 
  • Practice Business Resources 
  • Industry Partner Introductions 
  • Bonus content

Can't beat them? Join them!

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