Practice Managers Academy is back!

Does your practice manager have the skills and support they need to really flourish? After plenty of research, we’ve uncovered that there are many practice managers out there who don’t have the right support. It often feels isolating and lonely, and they feel that their remarkable responsibilities and huge demands aren’t being recognised as they should be.

At Nacre Consulting, we’ve been extra busy (as always) in creating a platform for practice managers to be heard, understood, and give them that opportunity to really hone their craft.

Practice Managers Academy is back!

We couldn’t be more excited to offer this wonderful event once again to any and all practice managers at allied health businesses. Practice Managers Academy (PMA) is all about helping upskill practice managers, so that they can differently support the business, business owner, and entire team. And this time around, we’ve made some changes – listen to the episode to find out all about them.

Whether they’re feeling overwhelmed in your role, or simply want to boost their skills, PMA is designed for all practice managers to help save on time and energy, creating more certainty in the role with a valuable experience learning with others.

Now more than ever before, it’s time for practice managers to shine and be empowered in their roles. PMA is about fulfilling their personal needs, as well as positioning the business for absolute awesomeness moving forward. 

Use this event as a training-ground for industry-specific skills, as well as a chance to hear how other practice managers are running their ship.

PMA is facilitated by Cathy Love, members of the Nacre Consulting team, and other subject-matter experts. 

For ALL the details on this event, listen to the episode now!

Or to sign up right now and secure a spot for your practice manager, click here.


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