Let’s CLAIM your Business Happy

The Private Practice Virtual Conference 2019 happening on May 31st is an all-online, all day conference that is going to be differently awesome. We have prepared interesting topics and lined up wonderful guest speakers to join us as we reclaim your time and business mojo.

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Why did we chose CLAIM your happy as the conference theme?

At NACRE Consulting, everything we do has a solid mission and commitment behind it. The reason why we chose CLAIM your happy as the conference theme is because we know how complex running your private practice can be. Our mission is to help you through this and get your business smart back on. We know how claiming your happy back will make such a beautiful difference to you, your family, team and clients.

What to Expect at the Private Practice Virtual Conference

On our 2nd year of the Private Practice Virtual Conference, we will be holding 4 live presentations and 10 pre-recorded presentations. And with your ticket, you will have access to all these for up to 30 days. On the day, you will be able to participate in the live and pre-recorded presentations and join in all the fun.

VFairs has developed a very cool product, somewhat like a virtual world, that we’ll be using for the conference. You’ll be able to click in for the day where a virtual kiosk and information desk will be present. There will also be an exhibition hall and auditoriums to watch the live and pre-recorded presentations. We love it that it will enable you to participate in a very convenient manner and that we will be able to deliver creative, practical, contemporary and needed content for all of you allied health business owners.

What does it mean to CLAIM Your Happy?

Your private practice happy can fade pretty fast particularly if you’re in a fast growth pace that you may not be totally sure of being able to manage it confidently and completely. I’ve experienced this myself when I ran my private practice.

The long hours, the complexity of invoicing and getting paid, the challenges and opportunities of building and leading a team, the marketing and networking, keeping your clients delighted can take its toll. On top of that, we need to keep our reputation good and our clients delighted while staying in flow and absolute joy with the clinical work because this is why we all went to university for – to be useful and helpful in making a difference.

Private practice and running your allied health business can be lonely, scary, stressful, drowning, overwhelming, and more. So we want you to reCLAIM your happy.

CLAIM Your Happy is an Acronym

C – Commit to Your Future Success

When you’re in overwhelm it can be hard to see the vibrant future that lies ahead of you. My job as a coach is to hold that bigger, brighter future out for you and to co-pilot the adventure towards that future. It means you are comfortable with your success. It also means that you have defined success in your own terms and are committed to working towards achieving it. You must remember that your success is different from anybody else’s success. We are all different.

L – Learn to Implement Disciplined Actions

Learning to implement disciplined actions may sound boring and repetitive but this is one of the pillars that makes a successful, brilliant, allied health business. It’s about building rhythms – from knowing how what your end of day, week, quarter, year habits are; rhythms that you put in for your meetings; disciplined consistency of doing certain activities, meetings, reports, decisions – so that there is structure and predictability sitting behind your allied health business.

A – Accelerate Your Team’s Performance

Being a solopreneur in your allied health business is a thing of the past. Now, we are building teams for our practice by bringing in bookkeepers, receptionists, virtual assistants, admins, clinicians, practice managers, general managers and more. While it is magically exciting to have a team, this demands leadership. This means that your team needs to step up and step along, pacing with you fully aware of their own performance. They need to be mindful of how they show up at work, their productivity or KPIs, the organization culture, etc. Thankfully, this content will be included in the conference.

I – Improve Your Planning and Profitability

Many business owners don’t often prioritize the need for planning. I tend to hear comments such as “I don’t have time to look at Xero / my profit loss and balance sheet/reports from my practice management software.” So we will be giving a focus on this in the conference.

M – Make Positive Change and Delight Compliance

I once heard a really cool statement along the lines of “you can’t steer a parked car.” When you are in a standstill or even when you’ve got your wheels spinning you can’t make forward movement. I have quite a few conversations with allied health professionals that they are busy day after day and they’re not getting that forward momentum that they have in mind and desire. We need to learn how to implement and be disciplined about the things that you do, your mindset, carving out time to work on your business rather than in it. Delighted compliance, on the other hand, means that you need to engage with your clients more – seek their input, collaborate to design new products and services that you’d link to launch. We have prepared content about this in the virtual conference, as well.

A Sneak Peek on the Topics and Speakers

  • Joel Friedlaender from Cliniko to talk about data-informed decisions.
  • Chris Stenhouse and Leanne Willshire from PBS will help us understand Xero and our numbers and reports.
  • Cathy Love will be presenting about shifting to productivity and profitability. She will also talk about success factors, developing your outstanding team, billable hours and behaviour.
  • Chantelle Robard will be speaking about the NDIS.
  • Christopher Smith from Happy HR will be presenting excellent stuff about HR, independent contractors and employees, onboarding new recruits, and applying restraint clauses when clinicians leave.
  • Yianni Serpanos from Coreplus will talk about digital health future – we don’t even know what we don’t know on that front. Yianni’s going to share it all.

The topics are super practical and we hope you’ll take action to start to getting that positive change for you and our team.

We look forward to e-meeting you at the Private Practice Virtual Conference on May 31st Melbourne time. Let us help you claim you’re happy.

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