Key Learnings & Confronting Moments as a Business Owner & the Possibilities of Telehealth

Simone Dudley, Co-Founder of Therapy Connect, joins the podcast once again, and what an exciting thing it is to hear about the growth in just a few years. We start off reflecting on her journey transitioning from clinician to business owner, developing the business as a dedicated telehealth provider, quickly diversifying the team, and revealing her key learnings and confronting moments. 

You’ll then hear us discuss what it was like being a telehealth provider during COVID, being inundated, and how they adapted and adjusted. Simone also chats about family and personal pursuits, and what she thinks telehealth will look like in the next five years – an interesting discussion around the microscopes emerging around engagement in telehealth, and understanding what it enables and the challenges it brings.

Topics covered on transitioning from clinician to business owner and telehealth: 

  • Key learnings and confronting moments
  • Being an established telehealth practice during COVID
  • The possibilities of telehealth

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The Private Practice Made Perfect podcast is a much loved conversation for those wanting to hear real life Australian Allied Health business stories, adventures and the occasional confession. The outstanding guest list includes business owners and wonderful small business supporters such as accountants, marketers, bookkeepers, IT wizards, virtual assistants, lawyers and more. As you know, it takes a village to run a business. Cathy gathers the tribe, captures the collective wisdom and conveniently delivers it to your earbuds. 

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Simone Dudley

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