Ep.19 Breaking down barriers and borders with Sue Cameron & Simone Dudley

My trailblazing guest duo this week are the founding directors of Therapy Connect, Sue Cameron and Simone Dudley. Sue Cameron a Speech Therapist and Simone Dudley an Occupational Therapist met online. They are both located in rural, Australian communities, married to farmers and share a passion for providing therapy to those that aren’t able to access it as easily as those in metro areas.

Therapy connect was born from this passion and is now a thriving telepractice providing teletherapy to those in rural communities within Australia and offshore. Their truly unique business model, their innovative natures and drive for continuous learning and improvement is sure to inspire!

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Sue and Simone also share with me:

  • A detailed explanation of ‘telehealth’ and ‘telepractice’ and the benefits of this technology
  • How and where the trailblazing duo met
  • What they are working on and where they are working from
  • The different requirements for teletherapy and how it all works
  • How they measure their success (hint: it’s not dollars in the bank)
  • The time it takes to adapt what they would do in a face to face session to a telepractice setting
  • The different online resources they are finding to assist them with telepractice and how this is shaping their business
  • Where they stand on the NDIS
  • How they are educating parents to be their child’s therapist and the lasting effects of this
  • The project that they are working on with the University of Sydney
  • Where their practice is flowing to off Australian shores
  • What their business has taught them in the last 2 years
  • What they are most proud of in their business life
  • Their question for me and my advice to them
  • And so much more!

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