Insights from a Rural Allied Health Business Owner – Community, Work-Life Balance & More

Living and working in remote areas can appear daunting at first, but it’s stories like Anna Drum’s that give glowing insight into what it’s really like working in a rural space in the allied health sector.

As a Myotherapist and the Founding Director of Capability Health, Anna opens up on the newest episode of the PPMP podcast about working in Weipa – a small town in Queensland, Australia. 

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She bears many hats – from Myotherapist, to business owner, to recruiter, to finance officer – and shares what a typical day looks like for her while tackling everything on her plate.

Whether you work in a rural area or not, all allied health business owners can get something out of Anna’s story on the podcast. 

She explores how and why her team works so brilliantly, her process developing front-of-house through building the right systems, and how they maintain a sense of community.

I think many of you can agree that managing time as a business owner is no easy feat – and Anna’s insights into how she does it efficiently and productively are valuable to say the least. Part of that is about knowing when to ask for help.

Are you asking for enough help when you need it? It may seem obvious, but it’s easy for us to forget that when more help is around, the more we can achieve things.

As Anna put so well, “Sometimes when you’ve got less time, you actually get more done.”

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