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Effective marketing is the linchpin of success for any business, including those in the Allied Health sector. Yet many business owners rely solely on word of mouth, potentially missing out on a plethora of opportunities to grow their client base and expand their reach. True, word of mouth carries a level of trust, but there are more effective marketing strategies that you can consider for your Allied Health Business. Marketing is a critical component for your business, but it can often be challenging to know which strategies are truly effective. In our Allied Health Biz Quiz, we asked Allied Health Business Owners about their Smarter Marketing practices, specifically inquiring about the marketing systems they have in place beyond just word of mouth. 

Our recent Allied Health Biz Quiz results shed light on this issue, revealing a surprising lack of additional marketing systems among Allied Health Business Owners. We are keen to unveil some of these findings, exploring why a strategic approach to marketing is crucial and how incorporating diverse marketing tactics can significantly enhance your business’s visibility and client engagement. Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or fresh to the field, understanding these insights could be the key to unlocking your business’s potential.  

Allied Health Biz Quiz Trends in the last 12 months 

Other than word of mouth, what effective marketing systems do you have in place? 

The results were quite telling – 50% of Biz Quiz participants scored low in the Smarter Marketing category, indicating that they may not have robust marketing systems in place. On the other hand, 50% of participants scored mid range, showing that some individuals are making efforts to implement more strategic marketing initiatives. What was most surprising was that 0% of participants scored high in this category, suggesting that there is significant room for improvement in terms of Smarter Marketing practices.  

Smarter Marketing goes beyond simply spreading the word about your services; it involves implementing focused strategies that reach and resonate with your target audience. Pro – tip, knowing and understanding your target audience, or audiences is key and a great place to start. . This may include digital marketing, social media campaigns, email marketing, Google Ads, Google Reviews, phone calls, personal visits and more. Right here we have a mix of online and offline marketing strategies, suggestive of the strategic but diverse approach required for the goals you wish to achieve.  Whether you are a telehealth provider, SLP, PT, OT, or a multidisciplinary Allied Health Business, strategically investing in various marketing channels not only attracts new clients but also builds a strong and sustainable business. 

To optimize marketing strategies for Allied Health Businesses in Australia, there are practical steps that can be immediately implemented. First, focus on strengthening your online presence. This includes ensuring your business has an updated, user-friendly website that features responsive design for optimal viewing on all devices, clear contact information, a list of services you offer, a beautiful page about the team that is behind your brand, and possibly a blog that shares useful tips and insights about your services, clients and outcomes  to attract more engaged visitors. You may have heard about SEO? A blog is a great way to assist this as are FAQ’s along with reviewing and potentially refreshing the headlines and copy on your website pages.  Additionally, actively manage your Google My Business listing to improve local search visibility; remember to regularly update your opening hours and services to keep potential clients well-informed.  

Secondly, leverage the power of targeted digital advertising. Use Facebook and Google Ads to reach specific demographics such as local community members or those interested in particular Allied Health services. For example, a physiotherapy centre might geo-target ads towards local sports clubs, while a business serving children and families may focus on schools within the community. Tailor your ads based on detailed demographic and geographic data to ensure your marketing budget is spent efficiently, reaching those who are most likely to need your services. Combining these targeted ads with compelling offers can significantly boost conversion rates and help develop a robust clientele base, keeping that waitlist solid. 

What is Your Score? 

Curious, if you were to take the Allied Health Biz Quiz right now, what would your score be?  

Next Steps 

Reassessing Your Strategies: If you fall among the 50% with low scores in Smarter Marketing category, now is the time to reconsider your marketing approaches.  

Investing in Improvement: Consider investing in new tools, seeking professional guidance, or pursuing marketing best practices through courses if you choose the self-serve route. Seeking marketing advice can get overwhelming. Should you invest in SEO tactics? Or perhaps a geo-targeted ad around local schools and aged care centres may serve you better? And please don’t forget those offline, in real life marketing strategies of getting out there and talking with people. Yes! Back to the future.  

Countless ‘Marketing Gurus’ claim they know best. You might need to work with a few before finding the right fit for you and your Allied Health Business. Perhaps working with a marketing team that understands the mercurial Allied Health industry in Australia could garner the best outcomes. We have seen this with our clients, that’s for sure. 

It is never too late to reassess your marketing strategies and make changes for the better.  

The insights from the Allied Health Biz Quiz are clear: There is a substantial need for more sophisticated marketing strategies within the Australian Allied Health community. For those in the Allied Health sector, now is the time to move beyond reliance on word-of-mouth and embrace a variety of marketing tools and techniques that can shift your business to the forefront of your discipline. By reassessing your current marketing strategies and investing in proven, innovative approaches, you not only attract new clients but also build a sustainable and thriving business.  

Take the Allied Health Biz Quiz 

To all Allied Health professionals, I urge you to take our Allied Health Biz Quiz to assess your business practices and uncover areas for improvement. Your marketing strategies may be due for a refresh.

Already completed the Biz Quiz and want help taking action? Contact us now by booking your Power Call HERE 

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