Busting the Most Common Myths About Systems

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David Jenyns is back in your ears in this latest episode! It was wonderful having David back, where once again he shares the shiniest golden nuggets about systems that every Allied Health business owner should know.

You’ll hear David walk you through the seven steps of SYSTEMology, what makes it so unique, how to recruit in a systems culture, and his use of AI. One of the juiciest parts of the episode is when David debunks some of the most common myths about systems, helping every business owner shift their mindset and have a more positive outlook.

David also gives you a sneak peek at his upcoming book – you don’t want to miss this one!

Topics covered on busting myths about systems and why systems are worth your time and effort:

  • Busting the myth that systems destroy creativity, busting the myth that people will never follow systems, and busting the myth that you need expensive and complicated software.
  • Understanding that there’s no other way to scale a business and remove key person dependency without systems, why you should never stop making progress and building out your systems, and putting yourself in a great position by removing risks.

Resources Mentioned 

  • Book: SYSTEMology: Create time, Reduce Errors and Scale Your Profits with Proven Business Systems
  • Book: Authority Content: The Simple Systems for Building Your Brand, Sales & Credibility  

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