The Value of Systems & How to Integrate Them

Good systems are your ticket to freedom. Here to ignite your inner systems-flame is none other than David Jenyns – Author of SYSTEMology and Chief Visionary Officer at SystemHUB. 

This episode is all about getting you excited about systems – and who better to do that than David himself? 

David gives us an overview of SYSTEMology, which he created to solve the problem for business owners who are trying to build momentum, but feel that they’re more of a blockage in the bottleneck known as their business. 

If you’re feeling overworked and that you can’t step away from the business without it falling apart, then it’s time to turn to systems and better understand how they work. 

If there was ever an unexpected page-turner of a book, it would have to be SYSTEMology by David. He makes systems interesting and simplifies the complexities, which isn’t easy when talking about systems in the first place. If you’re a business owner feeling intimidated or overwhelmed by it all, then I can’t recommend this book enough. 

David walks us through the story behind what inspired him to write the book, and you’ll also hear him discuss the 7 Stages of SYSTEMology. 

You’ll also get some insights into myths debunked, where David reveals the truth behind systems and patterns he’s discovered since working with many business owners. Other great topics include why email is horrible for tasks, comparing SYSTEMology to other methodologies, and why systems are like business insurance. 

Interested in getting started with SYSTEMology? Explore these links:  


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David Jenyns

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