Disability Service Coaching

Cathy Love is an Occupational Therapist, Coach and Speaker who works with children, parents and disability service providers to achieve brilliant outcomes for children with special needs.

Nacre: [Nay-Ka] the natural process of growing brilliant pearls.


Occupational Therapy for Children

Occupational Therapy

Cathy Love has decades of Occupational Therapy experience, her services are contemporary, evidence driven, individualised and effective. Nacre Consulting provides...

Private Practice Coaching

Cathy has a unique blend of extensive clinical, paediatric disability sector, retail, educational and business management experience. This experience along with her entrepreneurial spirit make her a sought after paediatric private practice coach.
Health Professional Services

Clinical Coaching

Cathy provides clinical coaching to OTs, SLPs, PTs, Psychologists, Teachers. Individual or group services are available via Skype, teleconference or face to face when logistics permit.

Life Coaching

Like pearls we grow from layers of experience and shiny resilience, at times however our lustre may cloud and need restoration. Personal and life coaching is a positive guided...
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It’s the ability to share knowledge, spark questions, generate conversation and encourage change that makes Cathy’s presentations memorable.

Family Service Coaching

Cathy coaches parents to lead and manage their child's special needs tribe. Her highly regarded book 'Becoming Chief, how to lead your child's special needs tribe' describes her unique work and is packed with practical…

About Me

Cathy Love


Occupational Therapist Coach Speaker

Cathy Love is the founder and director of Nacre Consulting. She is an occupational therapist, coach, speaker and author. She works with parents, educators and disability service providers to achieve brilliant outcomes for children with disabilities. Cathy believers that every child is unique and has endless possibilities for growth, regardless of age, stage or diagnosis. Behind each child is a family and a team of service providers who also have capacity for change and growth.

Cathy helps people in a variety of ways:

She provides expert and collaborative Occupational Therapy services to children.

She provides Family Service Coaching to parents, guiding parents to confidently and skilfully lead their child's therapy and educational teams. Cathy is the author of "Becoming Chief, How to lead your child's special needs tribe" which is available through this website.

She coaches private practice owners to develop customer obsessed and successful businesses. This is on the back of her twenty years of lived private practice experience.

Cathy consults with disability services providers to design and implement family centred, ethical and effective programs, policies and procedures.

For clinicians Cathy provides virtual and face to face clinical supervision and workshops.

Cathy not only shares up her wealth of clinical, business and disability service experience but also brings out the brilliance in others. She inspires and energises others to be their best selves. Her skill set and knowledge transfers effortlessly between children, families, allied health professionals and service providers, as does her energy and ability to clearly see and solve problems. And should we mention her sense of humour?

You are invited to contact Cathy for further conversation about her services for your child, yourself, your business or organisation.

A medical referral is not necessary.

Download Cathy Love's Bio and Author's Bio.

Getting Started

Let’s explore the possibilities of shiny resilient growth within ourselves, our children, our therapy teams and our businesses. It would be my pleasure to work with  your child to celebrate their talents and guide them to be their best possible selves.

For families we will work collaboratively to build your energy, confidence and leadership of your child’s high performing therapy, medical and education team. Clinical supervision and mentoring for occupational therapists is available at reasonable rates and flexible hours, including evenings and weekends.

My business success is ready for sharing with energetic business owners, particularly those in allied health private practice. Flexible mentoring and business coaching services are ready when you are.

You are warmly encouraged to contact Cathy Love and start the conversation.

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