Rapid Growth, Working Remotely & Allied Health Trends

Have you ever wished you could get a bird’s-eye perspective on the allied health industry as a whole? Do you think about whether other business owners and practitioners are experiencing the same challenges as you? Sometimes, getting a fresh perspective on things can open our minds and hearts to new possibilities, and help us form new ideas on how to get past issues we face in our daily business lives.

Making her podcast debut this week is Kate Hunter from Cliniko. Cliniko makes practice management software for clinics and allied health practitioners. This software includes telehealth, booking and scheduling, health records, finance management, business management, in addition to reporting and tracking.

Kate first opens up by sharing how she got into working at Cliniko, having interestingly started out as a photographer.

She then gives us an insight into what it’s like working with a fully-remote team – a team that is constantly expanding and that involves many different continents, languages and lifestyles. You’ll hear why Cliniko is more open than the average workplace, and how they leverage their remoteness to their advantage.

We also discuss how the pandemic rapidly changed things for Cliniko, including the need to quickly incorporate telehealth into their software.

What most of you will also love hearing about in this episode is Cliniko’s massive allied health survey conducted in 2021. You’ll hear the process of releasing the results including the importance of making it practical, functional and easy to read. Kate also walks you through some of the key results she noticed through this study.

Would you like to find out more about the allied health survey results conducted by Cliniko’s team? Read about them here:

Part 1  & Part 2

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Kate Hunter

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