Is Your LinkedIn Optimised? Understanding the Value of LinkedIn

What is your relationship with LinkedIn? How do you utilise the platform?

This week’s PPMP episode is an exciting one as I speak with Adam Houlahan – LinkedIn Expert at Prominence Global and Author of three Amazon Best Selling books on the subject.

Prominence Global is one of the world’s leading LinkedIn personal branding agencies supporting the world’s scaling entrepreneurs to become prominent and highly influential in their industry.

Our conversation stretches far and wide on everything to do with the world of LinkedIn. We discuss how it has changed how we use content, why having a content strategy helps, typical misconceptions, and mistakes people make and how to avoid them.

Did you also realise how valuable LinkedIn is in the recruitment process? Adam explores recruitment and the importance of amplifying your personal authority and brand.

After hearing our conversation, you’ll probably wonder why you ever held back in the first place. If you never even attempted something because of fear or reservation, Adam has the perfect answer: “Done is better than perfect.”

Just get started.

If you never take that first step, how will you ever know the possibilities on the other side?

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Adam Houlahan

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