The Value of Effective Leadership and High Performing Teams in your Business with Jan and Michelle Terkelsen

In this episode of the Private Practice Made Perfect Podcast, we will be exploring the idea of improving and elevating leadership and teams in your business.

Jan and Michelle Terkelsen, founders of People Leaders, will share valuable information with us on their expertise: creating high performing teams and teaching leadership for businesses who want to have work environments that are inclusive and inspiring for all.

People Leaders has worked with numerous organisations, big and small, in Australia and New Zealand such as Westpac, NAB, Origin Energy, Shell, Jetstar, Acrewood Childcare Centres, Consolidated Pastoral Company and many more. They use frameworks and custom fit them to your business and your teams’ situations. Some of the services they provide are facilitation, coaching, MBTI profiling and workshops, LSI profiling, their own proprietary High Performing Team Assessment Tool and Framework, and a Hundred Day High Performing Team Plan for People Leaders and their Teams.

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Episode highlights:

  • What is People Leaders and what do they do.
  • The people and groups they love to work with.
  • The principles of leadership and lifting a team to high performance as an industry agnostic practice.
  • The importance of trust and respect within a team.
  • Most common leadership challenges.
  • Reasons why leaders get fatigued and depleted physically, mentally and emotionally and how this affects their leadership and their team.
  • Biggest success factors for efficient and effective leaders.
  • Helping your team’s development using the High Performing Team Indicator.
  • How they help teams to improve and perform better.
  • What to do when pro-leadership and pro-team behaviour gets lost in the busyness of the business.
  • Tips for helping leaders to transition from clinical therapeutic work to a more team-facing role.
  • The importance of Personal Development Plans for leaders.
  • Things that are vital to great leadership.

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Jan and Michelle Terkelsen

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