The SEIQ Spark – Igniting Allied Health Business Innovation

Imagine standing at the dawn of humanity, about 3 million years ago. The first innovators weren’t tech moguls or business tycoons; they were our very ancestors, who, in a moment of unprecedented creativity, crafted the first stone tools. This wasn’t just about survival; it was the birth of innovation itself, setting a precedent for the relentless pursuit of improvement and efficiency that drives us today. From these humble beginnings, innovation has shaped our world, proving that with curiosity and ingenuity, even the simplest tools can forge the future (Stout, 2011). 

From Stone Tools to Strategic Frameworks: Introducing the SEIQ Method 

Now, imagine a world where every challenge that an Allied Health Business Owner faces is no longer a barrier but a launchpad for innovation. That’s where the Seven Essential Innovation Questions (SEIQ) Framework, born from Autodesk’s Innovation Genome Project by visionary Bill O’Connor, transforms the game. Far beyond simple brainstorming, this approach is a masterclass in innovation, designed to uncover solutions that can revolutionize not just Allied Health Businesses, but any sector it touches. By diving into history’s greatest innovations—350 to be precise—O’Connor’s work reveals that our greatest leaps forward came from asking the right questions, not by chance (O’Connor, 2017). It’s this blend of curiosity and strategic inquiry that makes SEIQ a powerhouse tool for those ready to lead their Allied Health Businesses into new territories of success. 

The Power of Seven Questions – Unleash SEIQ in Your Allied Health Business  

The Seven Essential Innovation Questions serve as a beacon for Allied Health Business Owners. Each question is a key, unlocking the potential for groundbreaking change and efficiency within your business. Let’s explore the ley terms and how we can generate these questions and use them in your business.  

 The seven questions originate from these key terms

  • Look 
  • Use 
  • Move 
  • Interconnect 
  • Alter 
  • Make 
  • Imagine 

The Seven Essential Innovation Questions 

Each question in the SEIQ Framework serves as a steppingstone to innovation:

  1. What could we LOOK at in a new way? 
    This foundational question encourages a fresh perspective on established practices. Consider reevaluating client engagement strategies or therapeutic approaches to uncover innovative paths for enhancing care and operational efficiency.
  2. What could we USE in a new way, or for the first time?
    This question pushes for inventive application of existing resources. Explore how technologies or methodologies not previously applied within your practice could revolutionize service delivery or client interaction.
  3. What could we MOVE, changing its position in time or space?
    Adjusting the logistics of how services are provided can lead to significant improvements in efficiency and client satisfaction. Think about altering service timings, delivery modes, or the physical layout of your practice.
  4. What could we INTERCONNECT in a different way or for the first time?
    Incorporating multilingual clinicians can significantly broaden our practice’s reach, making healthcare more accessible to diverse communities. This approach not only breaks down language barriers but also enriches client care by ensuring services are available in languages clients feel most comfortable with, fostering a more inclusive environment.
  5. What could we ALTER or change in terms of design or performance?
    This prompts a reexamination of current practices for potential redesign or enhancement. Assess how modifying treatment plans or administrative processes could lead to better outcomes.
  6. What could we MAKE that is truly new?
    This encourages the development of novel solutions to meet emerging care needs. Brainstorm services, products, or methodologies that could address gaps in current care models. Think big! Think of something that has never been seen in Allied Health but could revolutionize the sector?
  7. What could we IMAGINE creating a new paradigm?
    Challenge the status quo. How can you redefine client care and employee experience. Making it more personalized, effective, or accessible?

Strategies for Generating Ideas 

Leveraging the SEIQ Framework is about letting your imagination run wild while keeping your feet firmly planted in the needs of your clients, team and business. Consider it a structure for creative thinking, sounds counterintuitive, doesn’t it? It’s about asking, “What if?” and “Why not?” Encourage brainstorming sessions, foster a culture of open dialogue, and always keep the end goal in sight: enhancing client care and business efficiency. How could you use this yourself or with your team? 

Turning Ideas into Reality 

Innovation isn’t just about dreaming; it’s about doing. This means taking those brilliant ideas and putting them into action. It involves planning, prototyping, testing, and iterating. Overcome obstacles by embracing flexibility, seeking feedback, and being prepared to pivot when necessary. 

The Role of Allied Health Business Owner 

You, the Allied Health Business Owner, are the catalyst for change. Your expertise, empathy, and entrepreneurial spirit drive innovation. Adopting the SEIQ Framework not only propels your business forward but also sets a new standard for design and implementation of creative solutions, driving innovation in client care.  

Are you ready to embark on this journey of innovation? To transform your business and the lives of those you serve? 

To Wrap Things Up  

In the spirit of innovation that has propelled humanity from the creation of stone tools to the complexities of Healthcare, the Seven Essential Innovation Questions Framework offers a structured yet flexible approach to creative thinking, practical problem solving and innovation. We love this framework and think it is a valuable tool for Allied Health Business Owners to have a deeper understanding of how to approach challenges from new angles, ensuring your business not only adapts to the changing healthcare landscape but leads the way in innovation. 

Here are the SEIQ questions once more for your consideration and convenience. 

  1. What could we LOOK at in a new way? 
  2. What could we USE in a new way, or for the first time?  
  3. What could we MOVE, changing its position in time or space?  
  4. What could we INTERCONNECT in a different way or for the first time?  
  5. What could we ALTER or change in terms of design or performance?  
  6. What could we MAKE that is truly new? 
  7. What could we IMAGINE creating a new paradigm? 

Ready for a positive change in your business?  

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Marcus Jean-Francois
Meet Marcus. He is the Systems Champion at Nacre Consulting, where his military discipline and nearing completion of a Ph.D. in Health Sciences fuel his expertise in streamlining company processes and innovating solutions. Outside the office, Marcus's passion for fitness coaching and golf mirrors his work philosophy: understanding the landscape, strategic planning, and aiming for long-term success. His approach combines rigorous academic knowledge with real-world pragmatism, making him a distinctive voice in the field.

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