The Retention Convention Masterclass

Tune into the latest solo episode with Cathy as she covers what you’ll learn at the latest Nacre Consulting’s masterclass (which is back by popular demand), Retention Convention. During this masterclass, we’ll be looking at retention through a whole-business approach, which means looking at it through the lenses of management, leadership, and operations.

This pacey and practical masterclass will have you thinking about what you can be doing strategically to retain your dream team. We’ll be getting you in strategy mode, where we’ll check in on how you’re going on all fronts. Remember: Joining live means you get to contribute to the chat box with your fellow Allied Health business owners! Don’t risk getting FOMO if you don’t join live…

Sign up here for the Retention Convention Masterclass now before you miss out! 

Topics that will be covered in the Retention Convention Masterclass:

    • Operations elements you can be tweaking – the concept of spiritual improvements. 
    • Rewards and recognition – how you reward and recognise your team to contribute to a cohesive culture.
    • Sharing success stories – showing you the concepts in action.
    • Exceptional leadership and becoming a hero to your team – focusing on who you need to be as a leader.
    • Excellent management – shifting towards a positive mindset.
  • & MUCH MORE!


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The Private Practice Made Perfect podcast is a much loved conversation for those wanting to hear real life Australian Allied Health business stories, adventures and the occasional confession. 

The outstanding guest list includes business owners and wonderful small business supporters such as accountants, marketers, bookkeepers, IT wizards, virtual assistants, lawyers and more. 

As you know, it takes a village to run a business. Cathy gathers the tribe, captures the collective wisdom and conveniently delivers it to your earbuds. 

All episodes are chatty, honest and practical… warning… we often stray from the topic, talk of wine and laugh loudly.

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