The Personal and Business Benefits of Taking an Annual Leave

How are you? In my conversations with allied health business owners throughout June and July, I have seen that most of them are generally tired and fatigued. So I want to ask you today, have you already booked your annual leave?

As allied health business owners, we need to manage the fullness of our own cup in order to serve others. During these times, many of us have been working on sprint pace. But we should remember that business is a marathon, not a sprint. It is so important for us to take a break for ourselves and this is what we’re going to tackle in this solo episode of the PPMP podcast today.

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Episode Highlights:

  • The importance of booking your annual leave.
  • Improving systems to be able to step out of the business.
  • The usual work done 2-4 weeks before a business owner plans a  leave.
  • Having a strategic flight plan approach.
  • Taking a staycation even at home.
  • Tips for working from home.
  • The phase of returning to work
Cathy Love

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