The Importance of Psychological Safety in the Workplace

The idea of psychological safety in a company, big or small, is such a vital component for the business and its employees to thrive. It is the number 1 criteria for any high performing team. But are we giving much thought and action to it?

Michelle Bihary, a People Leadership, Self-Leadership and Workplace Resilience Expert, joins me in this episode as we chat about her business, services, and how psychological safety fits into all of this.

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Episode highlights:

  • Michelle tells us about the Delta Centre.
  • The practitioners that work at the Delta Centre.
  • An explanation on Employee Assistance Services / Programs.
  • Things that surprise her about being in business.
  • How marketing, finances and nitty-gritty stuff resonated with her.
  • The reason why she set up her own personal brand.
  • Michelle’s typical work week.
  • Challenges across resilience, emerging leadership, and psychological safety.
  • How Michelle measures the level of safety and how she works with business owners to promote it.
  • A business’s organizational culture being defined inside out.
  • Future plans of Michelle.
  • A vital trait needed for allied health business owners.

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