Streamlining Your Systems – The Importance of Admin Support

Ever come out of a therapy session or meeting, only to check your phone or computer and be faced with 20 new emails? It’s one of the most stressful feelings, leaving you with the overwhelming task of sitting down and sifting through each and every one. And it doesn’t stop there – without the right support systems, this email-tsunami is a never-ending battle…

The good news is that there’s a solution, and it’s a lot more streamlined than you might think. That solution is admin support.

Here to cover all-things admin is Karina Follent – Founding Director of Pro-Assist Virtual Administration. Pro-Assist helps allied health business owners with flexible admin and NDIS support to make practices run smarter and smoother.

For Karina, Pro-Assist isn’t just about the admin – it’s about fostering meaningful flexibility for business owners. From the start, she’s always had a passion for helping allied health business owners regain time, so that they can focus more on their loved ones.

Karina’s passion is a great reminder of the importance of spending precious time with family and friends, where the business doesn’t claim your entire life. 

Is it time for you to get some admin support? What are you doing in the admin-space that you could be handing off to the pros? Never be afraid to ask for help – it’s an investment.

In this episode, Karina runs us through the various admin tasks she does to help busy business owners, including the benefits of practice management software. You’ll also hear why you should have your systems set up first before hiring new staff, how to avoid burnout, NDIS opinions, and why you should be keeping your waitlists small and compact.

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Karina Follent

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