Embracing Innovation & The Future of Tech Therapy

How do you feel when you hear about the future of therapy? Does the idea of new, innovative tech scare you? 

Here to calm your fears this week is Laura Simmons – CEO and Founder of Theratrak and Paediatric Occupational Therapist.Theratrak has digitised allied healthcare as a platform that allows multidisciplinary teams to bridge the gap between therapy sessions and create a more inclusive model of healthcare.  

Innovation and change are two focal points in this episode, as Laura gives valuable insights into how Theratrak works, and how it’s making an impact on the industry. You’ll hear her journey evolving Theratrak, as well as what inspired her to get into the entrepreneurial tech space, and the steep learning curve she’s overcome in understanding software development.  

Other fabulous insights include how she figures out what the next improvements are going to be in the business (which includes the importance of watching and listening when gaining feedback from clients), and leveraging tech and data for things like NDIS reports. What really stands out in this episode is Laura’s exploration of change and innovation in allied health. 

We all know how scary change can be, but instead, try think of yourself as a change champion. Look at the positives that tech can bring to everyone’s lives in the allied health industry – and Theratrak is a perfect example of that. 

Laura shares her advice for allied health professionals who are cautious about investing in something like Theratrak, as well as overcoming tech-fear. 

And if you’re already keen to know what’s set for the future of Theratrak and what they’re bringing to the allied health table, sign up to their newsletter to be the first to know about exciting new releases coming soon.


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Laura Simmons

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