The Flying Start-Up Club

We have loved speaking with the hundreds of Allied Health Business Owners on Power Calls over the while. We are so grateful that they trust us with their adventure so far, their aspirations and challenges, and most of all we love their curiosity about how business coaching will help them create business brilliance.

During the past six months we have noticed a trend, a significant increase in calls from Start – Ups. This excites us, it’s great that more Allied Health professionals are going out on their own. It also concerns us a little, as we know the adventure they have ahead of them. All these Power Calls for Start Up assistance quickly got the Nacre Consulting team standing at the white board with fistfuls of coloured pens. Actually, truth be told some of the team had spreadsheets, Word Hippo and Asana at the ready.

Our eclectic planning styles all came together to develop a lightening fast responsive project.

We agreed, we need a club, we must share our business content, we will bring them into our member community, we will hold their hand every step of the way, because we want their start-ups to fly.

The Flying Start-Up Club sprung from idea to invitation in two weeks.

And it ticks all the new business owner boxes

  • Affordable and tax deductible
  • Expert content and experienced coaches
  • Will required the just right amount of your time
  • Learning with others
  • Flight plan for what works and what doesn’t
  • All the others things as well

If you already know that you want to know more, contact our Business Manager Layland Webb at [email protected]

Here’s what’s in the Flying Start-Up Club Black Box.

  • 12 Weekly Lunch and Learns where you can ask coaches and consultants (Wellbeing, Marketing, Law, Accounting)  ANYTHING
  • Yes recordings will be sent to you.
  • Access to our Business Resource Portal, we will hand pick the best resources based on what you need next.
  • Monthly Business Owner Lunch Time Trainings
  • Join one of our Coaching Zones to learn with other Allied Health Business Owners
  • Enjoy our Nacre Consulting Members Community
  • The Nacre Consulting team as your trusted co-pilot.

We must admit we have probably gone a bit overboard with The Flying Start-Up Club. For a moment there we verged on merch, caps anyone? fear not, that got struck out in favour of top shelf business coaching, content and community, hats off to that I say.

Amidst the white board frenzy and pre-flight planning we were concerned to discover that there were no readily available documents to help fledgling (such a great word) Allied Health Business Owners think through the things to think about.

So, we have written The Business Flight Plan. Launching Your Allied Health Business in Australia for you. Download it by clicking here.

You are welcome, we love that we can share this with you.

Lets be frank, the risk right here is that you will download the guide and get stuck into it, alone, unsure and hoping that you get it right.

Go for it.

However as you know now, there is now a seat waiting for you at The Flying Start – Up Club  where you can launch your business with expert help, enjoy it a whole lot more and sleep at night knowing that the foundations will be good and that you are investing in your business self.

Register your interest here and now at [email protected]

*Literally only taking TEN Start Ups into the pioneer program.

We look forward to greeting you in the departure lounge.

Please also consider joining other Allied Health Business Owners in our wonderful Facebook group Private Practice Made Perfect which you can find here  

Contact Nacre Consulting for a no cost, no obligation phone call here.


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Cathy Love
Cathy Love is an accomplished Occupational Therapist, Allied Health Business Owner, Author, Speaker, and a seasoned Allied Health Business Coach

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