The Employee Satisfaction Loop and Learnings from the Pandemic

This week I’ve got the absolute pleasure of speaking with the Managing Director Team from Everyday Independence – Ingrid Cole, Mal Healey and Leanne Healey.

Everyday Independence is a team of 600 people offering a diverse range of evidence-based therapy services to support all Australians to build skills and confidence. Their teams span across Victoria, NSW, Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia.

It’s been quite a while since our last chat way back in 2018, which is why it’s so exciting to hear their progress during the last few years, including where they’ve expanded their reach and impact.

We start off by exploring their team and core values. In particular, they dive into why they find it important to have defined roles and career pathways, as it helps people know what they need to do and where they can go to get the support they need.

We chat about how they’ve found that sweet spot as leaders of freedom and clarity, where they know that their people want to be autonomous in their roles. 

This approach helps them know exactly what they have to deliver, but there also needs to be room for them to grow and develop.

One part of this episode that particularly stands out is what they’ve learned from the pandemic, especially when it comes to their team. We explore what they call the “employee satisfaction loop”, coping with rules, and how they’ve managed to give everyone the input and support they need without purely relying on face-to-face contact.  

It certainly encourages many allied health business owners to sit down and ask themselves:

What has the pandemic taught me? What are some positives that I can pull from the experience amongst all the challenges?


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Ingrid Cole, Mal Healey, & Leanne Healey

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