How Do You Measure Progress? The Allied Health Biz Quiz

How Do You Measure Progress

Do you ever get the sinking feeling that so many other businesses around you are growing and growing? Like larger organisations are getting larger by the hour, and other private practices just keep popping up?

Behind the scenes here at Nacre, there has been quite a lot going on, but something that’s definitely stood out is the notion of how we can help Allied Health business owners track their progress – and it just so happens to be the topic for the latest PPMP episode.

For many business owners, this feeling of rising competitiveness can take a toll. But the key is to acknowledge that you can’t control how much others grow or flourish.

Learn to let that go. Instead, what you can control is setting your own targets. Measuring your own progress.

Think of Allied Health Businesses as a competitive sport. Or rather, as a solo sport. Think about how you’re competing on your own terms – competing against yourself.

What kinds of standards are you setting for yourself? What tools do you use? What questions do you ask yourself?

Every business on the planet should be embracing improvement, but not all of them know quite how.

That’s why we’ve created the Allied Health Biz Quiz. You’ll hear all the details in the latest episode, including why you should be completing the quiz, how to complete it, and how it will benefit you and your team.

So, stop waiting and watching on the sidelines, and get into the game.

The Allied Health Biz Quiz is all about helping you get what you want out of it so that the business works for you, not you working for the business.

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