Sarah Munn Interview – Successfully Growing and Running a Unique Private Practice

In this episode of the PPMP Podcast,  I am chatting with Sarah Munn of Barefoot Therapists on growing and building her team and a unique private practice based on a farm. We talk about their team, business model and navigating the NDIS in the perspective of the parent and business owner.

Barefoot Therapists provides group and individual specialist services for children from a skilled team of occupational therapists, speech pathologists, provisional psychologists, and dietitians. They offer an Equine Facilitated Therapy Program by therapists who are experienced with horses. They also offer clinic appointments (now tele-health appointments) at the Barefoot Child & Family Therapy Centre.

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Episode highlights:

  • An overview on Barefoot Therapists
  • Transitioning from solopreneur to private practice owner as inspired by her son’s unique needs.
  • The Barefoot Therapists Team.
  • Their business model, insurance, and the legal workplace health and safety behind their nature-based facility.
  • Building the business and services.
  • A typical week in Sarah’s life and how she gets things done through her week.
  • Navigating the NDIS as a parent and as a business owner
  • Future plans for Barefoot Therapists.
  • Trusting intuition in business.

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Barefoot Therapists

Sarah Munn

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