Fostering a Strong Team and Deconstructing Professional Resilience

How would you define professional resilience? Is it something you’ve ever thought about and how it affects your role? 

Here to discuss all-things professional resilience and so much more is Sarah Teoh – Director of Look Who’s Talking. First off, Sarah catches us all up to speed on what’s been going on in the clinic, before getting into a jam-packed conversation about several intriguing topics. 

Team spirit and culture is at the forefront of our discussion in this episode, with Sarah sharing advice on how to create such a wonderful energy in your team, including the kind of people she looks for when hiring. 

She shares how an increasing team impacts operations and culture, the importance of getting everyone involved, and how she maintains work-style and lifestyle flexibility within her team. You’ll even hear Sarah’s thoughts on why she thinks the allied health industry hasn’t done well with retention as a whole. 

This piece on professional resilience, though, is where this episode shines. It’s such an important and interesting topic, asking many of us to question what we consider to be professional resilience and why it’s one of the biggest missing skills in our industry. 

Sarah dives deep into learning how to establish professional boundaries, why workplace culture plays such a huge role, and why it’s so well-worth the time and investment. 

To round out the episode, Sarah shares her insights into projections for the future of allied health. 


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Sarah Teoh

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