Strategizing Your Team Care Plan

Many business owners will agree with me when I say that one of the hardest things in business is finding the best team members. When we successfully hire people we like and love working with, we need to take care of them to keep them in our team. 

So my question to you today is – do you have a care plan for your team? 

Setting up a team care plan is so important and you’re going to find out what it is, why you need one and how you can start your own plan in this episode of the PPMP Podcast.

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Episode Highlights:

  • Challenges for business owners during COVID.
  • The idea of team togetherness.
  • Benefits of a team care plan.
  • Leading yourself before leading others through a personal development plan.
  • Setting up a leadership development plan.
  • Coming up with your team vision, values and organisation culture statements.
  • Strategizing your team care plan.
  • The importance of taking breaks from work.
  • Having mental health and wellness across the team.
  • Forward planning your social calendar.
  • What is a BHAG and why it is good for teams.
  • Having necessary conversations with your team members.
  • Making gifts, recognitions and rewards a part of your team care plan.
Cathy Love

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