Staying Motivated & Learning From Experiences


Can you remember the exact moment you decided to start your own business?  

This episode, I get to speak with the wonderful Bronwyn Gell – Occupational Therapist and Director of Driven By You Therapy Services. She shares her story stepping into a directorial role after working as an OT, and eventually becoming a CEO in the future. 

What makes Bronwyn’s story so unique is her connection with baseball. As a decade-long pro, Bronwyn talks about how her business and baseball line up, in terms of discipline, teamwork, and ensuring a healthy work-life balance. 

Her story certainly encourages us to think about what we can take from our personal lives and apply to our business.  

Perhaps there’s a lesson you’ve learned that you can incorporate into your everyday business life. Even if it’s as simple as something you’ve learned from a hobby, such as having patience when knitting, which teaches you to have patience with clients and your team. 

You’ll hear Bronwyn’s journey towards starting her business, starting from working in her car to the moment she realised she needed a brick-and-mortar headquarters. You’ll also hear how she got through Covid, the importance of taking opportunities, the value of allied health assistants, and the benefits of delegating.  

Hearing about Bronwyn’s biggest motivations for starting her own business serves as an important way to think about what motivates you. Even if you’ve already started your business, take some time to write down your motivations. What gets you up every morning to continue doing what you do?


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Bronwyn Gell

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