Tristan Gray Interview – Sourcing New Allied Health Clients With SEO

co-founder of digital marketing agency Studio 56

Whether you’re a solo practitioner, have a small team, or are a large practice, it’s important to spend time and money on your brand. For many, it seems like a waste, but that could not be further from the truth. It could help you significantly grow your new client list.

I spoke to Tristan Gray, co-founder of digital marketing agency Studio 56, who shared his knowledge of successfully building a brand and online presence.

The Geelong-based company works with healthcare practices throughout Australia on marketing and business development, predominantly digital marketing: SEO, Google Ads (AdWords) and websites.

After starting the business just four years ago, Tristan now has a strategy he says works for the allied health industry, particularly for helping businesses shift away from depending on referrals for new clients. As a result, Studio 56 now focuses solely on allied health clients.

He spills some of his secrets for success for the trickier, technical stuff like SEO, website content and the importance of good imagery on your website.

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Episode highlights:

  • About Studio 56 and what it offers – marketing and business development
  • The difficulty of relying on referral networks for new clients
  • Showing up on Google – working on your online brand and presence
  • The importance of SEO
  • Common issues – allied health business owners don’t see the benefits of a website
  • Hitting the sweet spot with your content – helpful but not selling something
  • Refreshing content – continually add new content to your website
  • Google Ads (AdWords) explained – be targeted so you don’t spend money on the wrong words
  • How Studio 56 builds and manages allied health websites
  • Homepage – 3 seconds to…
  • How important is imagery? It needs to be real and authentic
  • What Tristan thinks websites will look like in a year or two – the introduction of video
  • A little about Studio 56 – based in Geelong, VIC, team all over Australia


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Tristan Gray

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