Simplifying Your Health Payment System – Why Is It So Important?


What do your expectations look like when it comes to payments in the healthcare space? Is your system complicated or simplified? 

For many allied health businesses, dealing with health payments can mean dealing with many challenges – from patients now knowing their out-of-pocket expenses, to your team waiting weeks for payments.

Here to demystify the wide world of healthcare payments is none other than Adrian Miles – GM of Strategy and Marketing at Medipass.

In the latest PPMP episode, Adrian covers plenty of areas to help open up the conversation for allied health business owners to explore. We discuss the tension around getting clients to pay on the day, how cloud-based solutions will impact systems, NDIS, getting started with Medipass, and so much more.

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While I’m sure some of you are already onboard, I’ve no doubt that some of you are questioning whether you have the time to sign up, get started and commit to a healthcare payment digital system.

How much time will it take me to rework my existing operation procedures? Will I have to train others? What if they don’t pick it up?

The real question here, though, is: How much value and positive change can this shift provide my business?

Odds are, getting your payment processes sorted and simplified (and not having to give them a second thought anymore) will add a mountain of value to your business. 

Leonardo da Vinci put it best…

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Adrian Miles

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