Shifting from Clinician to Business Owner – Recruitment, Core Values & More

To start off I’d like you to sit back and really think about this for a minute… 

What has made the biggest change in your journey as an allied health business owner? 

For Kelly Ketchell, Business Owner at Active Life Therapies, it was when she started working ON the business rather than IN it.

You’ve probably heard about the whole “ON” “IN” concept before, but in this week’s new PPMP episode we’ve got a perfect example of why it’s so important. 

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Kelly shares her own journey shifting from clinician to business owner. Listen as she opens up about why working ON the business is just so critical, what books you should be reading, and why it’s so important to know your numbers.

There are so many more pearls of wisdom throughout the episode, like her NDIS predictions, the software developed by her father, and even an insight into what makes her team so brilliant at Active Life.

Something that certainly stood out to me was Kelly’s commitment to recruiting to her core values – a realisation that has been a big learning curve for her.

Have you refined your recruitment process? What core values do you have set in place that you look back on when hiring someone?

If you’re on that path shifting from clinician to business owner, it’s interesting to sit down and take a few minutes to think about your future plans.

Where do you see yourself in the next 12 months time? Even though you’ve already made a big step as it is, you and your business can continue to flourish, hence the importance of having your future plans set in place.

Kelly reminds me of a hermit crab who continues needing a bigger shell to live in.

So, what does your next shell look like?

Kelly Ketchell

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