Sharing the Behind the Scenes Planning of our Virtual Conference

As we have been running different kinds of events such as webinars, physical conferences, and private practice virtual conferences, we are increasingly asked on how we make it look easy and enjoyable to run such events.

We have been getting so much more systemised and strategic about the way we run events. In this episode, I’ll be walking you through the steps we take to be able to build an amazing event – whether it be small, medium or large, to make you understand a little bit of the madness behind the method.

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Episode highlights:

  • The conceptual start of shaping up our events.
  • Coming up with the theme of the virtual conference: Excite your team for business success.
  • The topics covered in the conference.
  • Using the Event Design Canvas for building the conceptual framework of the conference.
  • Balancing the program with good presentations. 
  • Looking for subject matter experts and the best people to deliver on the topics.
  • Preparing and building the landing page for the event.
  • Making the marketing plan.
  • The programs and softwares we use for the event.
  • Live presentations happening during the event.
Cathy Love

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