Spark Speech Pathology Interview – Working Together to Build and Lead a Team

What does it take for 2 leaders to work together, become a superstar employer, and build a strong team in the business of allied health? In this episode of the PPMP Podcast, I’ve invited Bev Sher and Liz Zhornitsky of Spark Speech Pathology to share their experiences and ideas in leading a private practice.

Spark Speech Pathology offers personalized programs to clients that keep them engaged and motivated. They believe that it’s all about enlightening others and igniting connections. They ignite connections between therapists and clients, clients and their peers, in their client’s brains and with parents to assist them and enable them to move forward towards their goals.

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Episode highlights:

  • An update on Spark activities.
  • A description of their team.
  • The therapists in their practice.
  • Recruiting and building their team.
  • What makes them a superstar employer.
  • The story of how their business partnership started.
  • Operating as co-directors and leaders in the business.
  • Their discoveries on co-working.
  • Problems they are currently encountering.
  • Leveraging each other’s areas of strength as business owners.
  • Leading their team.
  • Their status and thoughts on the NDIS
  • Their plans and dreams for their business this year.
  • What work-life balance looks like for Bev
  • Sharing what they do to other business owners

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