Seize the Day Allied Health Business Owners! Responding to the NDIS Annual Pricing Review

Allied Health Professionals and Business Owners:  

Responding to the NDIS Pricing Review with more facts and less feelings is essential if you want the NDIA to understand the impact that rising costs is having on the viability of your business. We have drafted an NDIS Pricing Review Submission Template. Download it by clicking here to help you write a professional and high-quality submission and we urge you to share the link to the template with your colleagues.  

The opportunity for providing this feedback arises once every year and Allied Health Business Owners may have been guilty in the past of hoping someone else is responding and forwarding evidence on our behalf. WE won’t be making that assumption this time around. Given the outcome of the Annual Pricing Review consultation over the last 5 years we might argue that either the message that is being sent is not accurate or it’s just not loud enough. It is probably both.  It’s time to roll up the sleeves and reach for the keyboard. 

The 2024 Wave of Submission.  

We are going to change that this year. Aren’t we. Yes we are. 

Now is when we put the reality of the $ cost of delivering Allied Health supports under the NDIS in front of the NDIA. 

The Annual NDIS Pricing Review (APR) kicked off with the release of the consultation papers in early January 2024. The consultation questions are disappointingly bland, however we suggest you work with their consultation questions and then spice it up with your own story and fact file. The template we’ve designed will make all this clear in a few minutes time. 

To that end, the team at Nacre Consulting have put together a NDIS Pricing Review Submission Template Download it by clicking here loaded with prompts for facts and business impacts which we hope will support both your confidence and your capacity to respond to the submission. We get that this is another thing to do (but it’s really important); we know that a blank page is daunting (some structure usually helps) and we genuinely hope that this kick starts the process for you.

The Deadline for submissions is Sunday 3rd March 2024 

Click through to register for the template and it will ping into your inbox in seconds.  

Copy and paste the body of the letter to your own letterhead and complete the highlighted portions to the best of your ability. Provide additional detail where relevant and we encourage you to think broadly about each question. 

Download the NDIS Pricing Review Submission Template by clicking here

The NDIA Needs to Know  

Please share the link to this blog forward to colleagues and strongly encourage (nag) them to complete and submit. Imagine if the NDIS received hundreds of submissions from resilient Allied Health Business Owners just like you.  Surely they can’t ignore us in numbers.

We know that Nacre Consulting members will have the numbers on hand and anticipate that many of you will submit to the APR with minimal disruption to your businesses. APR Submission Writing Party anyone?  

The Greater Good  

As Nacre Consulting members can attest – we continue to support our members to strengthen their businesses during these challenging times and we welcome new members to the Nacre Consulting family to enable Australians to access quality Allied Health supports through strong businesses. 

Find out more about becoming a Nacre Consulting member by booking a no cost Powercall with us here. 


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Chantelle Robards
Chantelle Robards has a long history with supporting the NDIS marketplace through provision of technical information and advocacy. As a speech pathologist who continues to support a small caseload she has comprehensive insight into the business community especially with regards to the NDIS. Chantelle's ultimate goal is to ensure an ethical and thriving market place that provides the very best of support to all Australians who are seeking it.

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