Ingrid Moyle Interview – Securing Your Online Home

Websites are homes of businesses online. And as we do in our real homes, we need to also secure our online homes. It’s one thing that we sometimes forget but is very important that we put time and effort into.

In this episode of the PPMP Podcast, Ingrid Moyle, the Founding Director of Heart Harmony Communications joins us to talk all about websites. This is a very interesting topic for allied health business owners as this is, more often than not, not in our zone of genius. So, we really need to be well informed about it so that we can make the right decisions for our online home and business moving forward.

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Episode highlights:

  • Ingrid’s work in the website world.
  • Examples of things that hackers do on websites.
  • The problem of websites not being updated.
  • Ten website unmentionables
  • GDPR and how is it relevant to securing websites.
  • The services they offer to allied health business owners to secure their websites.

Useful Links:

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