Ep.47 Running a values-based private practice that supports parents and children with Sonja Walker

In this episode, we talk to Sonja Walker, Founding Director of Kids First Children’s Services. She has also recently launched her first book. We also will talk about her team and her values-based business.

Kids First provides support for families and children with sensitive needs. The company has gathered a highly trained, vastly experienced team of children’s speech pathologists, occupational therapists, psychologists and teachers who can provide children and parents with the practical, caring help they need.

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What is covered in this episode:

  • Background on Kid’s First Children’s Services
  • How Sonja anticipated the business when it started and the challenges she has gone through
  • Thoughts on women working in allied health
  • Highlights in her private practice
  • What to expect and love from her book: School Ready – A practical and supportive guide for parents with sensitive kids
  • Extra bonus materials from the book
  • How Sonja’s week looks like
  • Key learnings from being a business owner
  • The story of figuring out the values that she practices in her business
  • Doing charity work and working with B1G1
  • Their team’s daily huddle and how communication works throughout the team
  • Apps and programs they use in their business
  • The stage of the business today and in the next 5 years


Kid’s First Children’s Services

Book: School Ready


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