Ep.44 Building a happy and effective mobile therapy team with Nicole Grant

In this episode, we talk to Nicole Grant, Occupational Therapist and Founding Director of Gateway Therapies in Brisbane, Australia.

Gateway Therapies offers mobile NDIS support services, mobile occupational therapy, mobile speech therapy and autism therapies for adults and children of all ages.

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What is covered in this episode:

  • Background of Gateway Therapies
  • Reception of clients on their mobile therapy services
  • Their workplace and how they use their space
  • The Gateway Therapies team, their employment statuses, and experience levels
  • The need for an engagement process and on-the-job training for young professionals and early career clinicians
  • Innovative ideas on teaching/learning for Allied Health students
  • The things Nicole is most proud of in what she’s doing in her business
  • Time spent by Nicole in a week doing clinical and business development work and how she achieved this
  • The reason why Nicole chooses to retain clinical work as part of her role especially with the NDIS
  • How Nicole developed all her business know-how
  • Why she invests in and supervises her team closely
  • The difference of Gateway Therapies from other practices
  • Positioning their practice for the NDIS
  • Experimenting, implementing, testing and mentoring in business and what you can learn from it
  • What would Cathy be doing differently


Gateway Therapies

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