Ep.43 The Power of Content Generation and Delivery with Ingrid Moyle

In this episode, we have a rich and interesting conversation with Ingrid Moyle, owner of Heart Harmony Communications and Australian Employee Manual.

Heart Harmony Communications is a company that helps small businesses with content marketing, web content, and design.

Australian Employee Manual guides small businesses in writing effective and clear business policies and procedures to comply with human resource legal requirements and build team productivity.

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What is covered in this episode:

  • Ingrid’s story from being an employee to starting businesses
  • A backgrounder on Heart Harmony Communications
  • What allied health business owners should be doing in the content marketing space
  • The shift of how people engage with content and businesses and what is needed to address this
  • Valuable tips on what and how to write your content
  • Ingrid’s prediction for newsletters in the future and the use of other channels to get your business’ message out
  • Repurposing content for different channels to serve different audiences
  • The kind of content that engage people nowadays
  • The reason why you need to review and go through your published content yearly and the 3 questions you need to ask yourself when doing so
  • A run-through on the history, services, and products of Australian Employee Manual
  • Examples of the policies and procedures covered in the manual
  • The users of the manual
  • Suggestions on how business owners can work through the manual
  • The importance of developing policies and procedures in a business
  • Ingrid’s words of wisdom for allied health businesses going into the NDIS process
  • The future of the Australian Employee Manual and Heart Harmony Communications – where are they headed?
  • The idea of a 3-year business review
  • Cathy’s thoughts about one consistent problem encountered by allied health professionals and businesses and Ingrid’s view about it


Website – Heart Harmony Communications

Facebook – Heart Harmony Communications

Website – Australian Employee Manual

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