Ep.42 Managing an Occupational Therapy business with Liz Brownlee

In this episode, we talk to Liz Brownlee, OT and founding director of Wise OT Solutions.

Wise OT Solutions started 7 years ago and is now well-positioned in the industry. As an industry leader, they provide Occupational Therapy and rehabilitation services to people with varying illnesses, injury or disability.

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What is covered in this episode:

  • How Wise OT Solutions started
  • The first three months of the business
  • Story behind the business name
  • The team of Wise OT Solutions
  • Suggestions for leadership and keeping a broad remote team together
  • The customers of the business and the role they play in their client’s lives
  • How they are driving their business with the changes in their sector and NDIS
  • Diversification of their services
  • Changes needed by businesses and sectors and the NDIS
  • What makes Wise OT Solutions different from other OT services
  • The challenges encountered by the business and how they overcame it
  • Where Liz got her inspiration and business smarts from
  • Liz’s schedule during the week
  • Technologies used by their business
  • The next 7 years for Wise OT Solutions
  • Liz’s proudest moments in her business.


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