Ep.41 Social work businesses in the NDIS space with Elaine Jackson

In this episode, we talk to Elaine Jackson, a social worker and founding director of Spectrum Clarity.

Spectrum Clarity is a company that provides a customer-centric approach to social services such as service coordination and pre-planning in the NDIS space.

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What is covered in this episode:

  • Social workers and self-employment in NDIS
  • Background of Spectrum Clarity, how and when it started, their plans for the business, and the services they offer
  • The usefulness of Elaine’s university degrees in serving their business
  • Who are the customers of Spectrum Clarity
  • How the can-do attitude of the employees help them reach their goals
  • The things that have taken them by surprise and problems they’ve encountered in the business
  • How Elaine sees the future of Spectrum Clarity and her worries about several things including the viability of the businesses in the industry
  • Tips for Allied Health Professionals involved to provide support to children and families
  • Spectrum Clarity’s social work ethic and respect for the client



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