Ep.40 The impact of constant learning, technology and delegation of work in private practice with Eva Harrold

In this episode, we talk to Eva Harrold, Speech Pathologist and founder of Healesville Speech Pathology.

Healesville Speech Pathology provides consultations including diagnostic assessments and treatment programs for children with communication difficulties.

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What is covered in this episode:

  • The start of Eva’s private practice
  • Her Source of referrals
  • Working through child-centered principles such as kindness, patience and respect and how it has helped her business
  • The things she did to grow her business and how grapevine or word of mouth has contributed to this
  • The reason why using telehealth is a good idea in her private practice
  • Length of her private practice and the importance of her studying
  • How delegating admin and bookkeeping tasks has assisted her in the business and has given her more time for more important things in life
  • Advantages of practice management program in her private practice
  • How having a collaborative approach towards her practice make parents feel more involved and empowered
  • Engaging parents, especially dads, more in their child’s sessions
  • What has Eva learned about herself in being a business manager
  • The advantages of technology for her practice
  • The reason her business is unique
  • The application and effect of the NDIS to her practice
  • Eva’s thirst for knowledge and service
  • Allied assistant, Nibbler, and his effect on clients
  • Cathy’s message to the world right now




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