Ep.39 Business progress through solid team management and clear policies and procedures with Hannah Dunn

In this episode, we talk to Hannah Dunn, occupational therapist and founder of D.O.T.S. Paediatric OT.

D.O.T.S. Paediatric OT offers occupational therapy services and education for children, parents, educators and other professionals.

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What is covered in this episode:

  • The story of the first few years of Hannah’s private practice
  • The premises of DOTS Paediatric OT
  • Their private practice team
  • Strategies used to get their good retention rate
  • Working with communities, schools and home visits and how it is changing
  • How they are working with the NDIS
  • Thoughts and concerns about NDIS and the pending changes
  • Growing the business with the help of policies and procedures
  • How Hannah’s move and thoughts about stepping back from clients have improved her management focus and personal life
  • Things she is proud of in her business
  • Source of her knowledge and business confidence
  • Going through an audit and how they dealt with it
  • What’s in the future for DOTS Paediatric OT
  • The ultimate dream of Hannah for her business
  • One thing Cathy would’ve changed in her practice





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