Ep.35 Physitrack and the future of healthcare with Marijn Kortekaas

Today in the podcast we talk with Marijn Kortekaas, Senior Manager and Head of Asia Pacific for Physitrack.

Physitrack is a cloud-based patient to client engagement solution used by 25,000+ healthcare practitioners with over 1.5M patients in 102 countries. With Physitrack healthcare practitioners better engage patients and help them achieve better outcomes.

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What is covered in this episode:

  • How Marijn joined Physitrack
  • Background of Physitrack – what it is, what it does and who can use it
  • The story of how Physitrack was born and how it makes life easier for practitioners and patients
  • Key things and various exercises on Physitrack that cater to different clients
  • PhysiApp as a one-stop shop for exercise, outcome measures, and educational content
  • Special features and available resources on the PhysiApp and how it makes a seamless connection between the practitioner and client
  • How the 360-degree feedback on the app helps track and measure outcomes data which can be used for reports, studies, and the growing trend on collecting outcomes data
  • The importance of Integration of the platforms used in the business
  • Physitrack and how it integrates with other practice management software systems
  • How Australia is tracking towards Telehealth and the digital health future
  • Convenience of Telehealth
  • Physitrack as an all-in-one platform that provides Telehealth services
  • Recording audio on video calls in the app to make note-taking easier
  • The future of Telehealth
  • Physitrack as a marketing tool for practitioners
  • The next 5 years for Physitrack
  • Key things practitioners should look out for when looking for a platform




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Marijnn Kortekaas Email – [email protected]

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