Ep.34 The know-how of publishing your first book with Jacqui Pretty

Today on the podcast we talk to Jacqui Pretty,  Founding CEO of Grammar Factory.

Grammar Factory is a publishing company that works with small business owners and leaders, entrepreneurs, health practitioners, topic experts, and turn their knowledge into published books.

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What is covered in this episode:

  • The reason people put off writing a book
  • Ways to manage the fear or hesitation of starting
  • Using a blueprint to guide you in writing your first book
  • The importance of having a clear idea of who your readers are
  • Identifying, testing, expanding and organizing your ideas into a blueprint
  • The value of “how to” books
  • Methods to help you focus when writing your book
  • Recommended length for books
  • Doing a self-review and finding an editor for your book
  • Different editing and publishing services available in the market
  • The steps Grammar Factory takes in editing your book
  • The book cover’s internal layout and design process
  • Difference of traditional publishing versus self-publishing companies
  • Marketing your book and the value of building partnerships
  • Why the Ebook is recommended
  • Book Blueprint: How Any Entrepreneur Can Write an Awesome Book
  • Grammar Factory and its services


Grammar Factory

The Ultimate Guide to Writing an Awesome Book

LinkedIn – Jacqui Pretty

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