Dee Wardrop

Ep.30 Building innovation and creativity into your practice with Dee Wardrop

Today on the podcast we talk with Melbourne based clinician and private practice owner Dee Wardrop.

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What is covered in this episode:

  • How one family helped Dee to start her speech therapy business
  • The juggle of balancing a family and starting an allied health business
  • Highlights of her business development of the last 10 years that has led to currently 12 staff and 3 sites
  • The importance of having a beautiful and supportive workplace facilities
  • Tips for recruiting the right staff members that fit the culture of your team
  • The importance of trusting your gut when recruiting
  • Knowing the importance of a good brand and vibe of your business
  • The mistakes Dee has made over her business journey
  • The regret Dee has in naming her business by her name
  • The importance of innovation and creativity in delivery of outcomes to families
  • How she brings together a dynamic team of allied health professionals to deliver exceptional customer service
  • Dee thoughts on the NDIS and the opportunities it can bring to speech pathology to bring about change
  • Some of the timing frustrations she has found with the NDIS and the funding being allocated to families
  • The importance of pre-planning and prep work for NDIS families
  • The question of capping the number of NDIS patients allied health practices take on
  • How Dee thinks the NDIS will look like in 5 years with a more collaborative approach
  • Her unique leadership style and how she motivates her team through love and passion
  • What owning a business has taught her about herself and how the business will look into the future
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