Ep.29 The persistence and ambition behind building a multi-disciplinary paediatric practice with Amanda Abel

Today on the podcast we talk with Amanda Abel, founder of Northern Centre for Child Development (NCCD), a multidisciplinary paediatric practice in Preston Melbourne.

Amanda has over fourteen years’ experience as a psychologist working with families and has a special interest in paediatrics, autism spectrum disorders, developmental delays, learning difficulties, disabilities and behaviour management. She has worked in a variety of settings in both the public and private sectors which has allowed her to gain extensive experience helping a wide range of clients.

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What is covered in this episode:

  • The importance of being authentic and transparent with her clients whilst sharing their knowledge and expertise in her practice
  • How persistence and driving ambition has helped her to create the practice she always wanted, without a business plan
  • What she has learnt in the first two years of being a private practice owner
  • Importance of trusting your gut and instincts to avoid errors, especially around staff
  • The joy of having a recognisable brand in the industry
  • Amanda’s impressive Facebook strategy that aims to build brand awareness and how she achieves that through interesting and engaging page content
  • Her blogging efforts (or lack of!)
  • The importance of having weekly team case discussions
  • The difference adding Paediatricians to her practice has made
  • How Amanda balances her busy week between being a business owner and a mother
  • Creating boundaries between work and family time
  • The benefits of investing in awesome administration support and how it has helped to reduce stress as the business owner
  • The importance of having solid policies and procedures in place that evolve over time
  • Why she outsources the HR function of the practice
  • The lessons learnt in offering workshops and parent retreats
  • What the future looks like for herself professionally and NCCD
  • Who would she add to her team if money was no object
  • How the NDIS is changing the way her business operates and why she didn’t register as a provider
  • The payoff of all the hard work knowing she and her team are changing the lives of their clients and the importance of celebrating these wins



Northern Centre for Child Development

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